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idaho falls personal injury lawyer

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The Advocates are far better than ordinary lawyers. Following the trauma of your car accident or personal injury, the attorneys with The Advocates will do everything possible to help return your life to what it was before you were injured. Contact us today for a free legal consultation.

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The Advocates Personal Injury Attorneys in Idaho Falls

The Advocates are ready to help after you’ve been injured!

If you have been hurt by a car accident or a personal injury incident, you may be struggling with injuries and your finances. You are likely in pain, in need of medical care, and unable to perform your daily routines. Medical bills have begun to pile up around you, risking the future of your credit and finances. Then, to make matters worse, your car may be damaged and you no longer have reliable transportation. Faced with such an impossible situation, it’s common to feel as if you have nowhere to turn for assistance.

Not to worry. The car accident lawyers with The Advocates are ready to help you make the best possible recovery. The experienced injury attorneys with The Advocates are ready can help repair your wrecked vehicle, obtain a quality rental car, and even help organize your medical care, records, and providers. When it comes to winning you the best settlement possible, The Advocates are expert negotiators who can deal with rude insurance adjusters, help recover lost wages from missed work, and even connect you with a network of trusted medical providers located conveniently to your own neighborhood, no matter if you live in The Village, Rose Nielsen, or Comore Loma. The attorneys at The Advocates are ready to serve all of Idaho. If you are unable to visit our Idaho Falls office, we will come meet you wherever you are. As Advocates, it is our mission to help you recover in every way we can. Don’t wait to contact The Advocates Injury Attorneys today for a free consultation so you can begin down the road to recovery. You deserve an Advocate!

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Idaho Falls’ Best Personal Injury Lawyers

More than any other personal injury law firm, The Advocates understand what you are currently going through. Since 1992, our attorneys have helped thousands of accident victims from all over Idaho win the best settlement for their injuries and losses. Regardless of whether you were hurt in a car accident, by a dog bite, or from a slip and fall incident, our attorneys are ready to help you fight the insurance companies for the settlement you deserve according to Idaho law. Our highly-trained and experienced staff can help repair your damaged vehicle, gather the entirety of your medical bills, or simply be a friendly ear to listen to your story. Our attorneys are expert negotiators who can accurately value your case and then win the best possible settlement based upon your particular situation. If the insurance providers refuse to negotiate in good faith, then our litigation attorneys will file a lawsuit, drag them to court, and win you the recovery you deserve. Contact an attorney with The Advocates today about your case. You can either call our office at (208) 350-6860, by filling out the form below, or by chatting with a live attorney from the bottom of your screen. Don’t settle for second best. Your case deserves an Advocate!

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