Getting Treatment after an Accident

No matter what kind of accident you’ve been in, if you are hurt you need to seek treatment. Unfortunately, paying for that treatment can be a nightmare. Depending on your situation there may be several different options available to help pay for your treatment, but navigating who should pay can be difficult….

Who Should Pay First?

  1. L&I

This only applies to people who have been in a work-related motor vehicle collision, slip and fall, or similar accident. If you were working at the time of injury you will need to report it to L&I in order for them to pay for your medical treatment. L&I in Washington State has no pre-set limit on what it will pay, but as time wears on during medical treatment, L&I will likely want to close the claim as soon as possible.

NOTE: Even if you were in a motor vehicle collision in a work vehicle that has PIP on the auto policy, L&I must be the first insurance to pay for your medical treatment.

  1. PIP / Med-Pay

If you have PIP coverage on your insurance policy, it will cover your medical expenses when you’re in a motor vehicle collision. It will also cover you if you were a cyclist or a pedestrian that was hit by a car. Med-Pay is often found on commercial policies but can also be on personal auto policies. If you slipped and fell in a business location, check the business’s policy for Med-Pay to cover your medical treatment.

  1. Health Insurance

If you’ve exhausted your search for L&I, PIP, or Med-Pay and still have not found a way to pay for your medical treatment, then it is time to use your personal health insurance.

What Do I Give the Medical Provider to Obtain Treatment?

Insurance What to Give Medical Provider
L&I Inform medical provider the injury was work related. You will then fill out a form that is sent to L&I to open a claim. You can also file a claim online at to get a claim number that you can give to subsequent medical providers.
PIP / Med-Pay A policy or claim number*
Health Insurance Your health insurance card

*If you have yet to report the injury to the insurance company you will not have a claim number. If you need immediate treatment after a personal injury you might have to use your own health insurance until PIP or Med-Pay has been established and can reimburse your health insurance.

What if I Have None of the Above?

You might be thinking a loan would help, but loans after a personal injury are generally discouraged. Many medical providers have simple payback plans that are more easily managed than outstanding loans. If you simply must get a loan to pay it off, do a lot of research and find a loan with low interest rates.

If you have no L&I, PIP, Med-Pay, or health insurance, an experienced attorney can help with putting your medical bills on hold until a settlement is reached. Once you’ve agreed to a settlement the attorney can pay your medical bills from the total settlement amount.

If you’ve suffered from a personal injury, don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to discuss paying for your medical treatment 24/7!


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