Trip and Fall Accident Attorney

Hip and pelvis fractures are common after trip and falls. Elderly people are at a much higher risk of these types of fractures; however, depending on how they land, younger generations can also face a severe injury. Studies have shown that falls to the side increase hip fractures 3 to 5 times than a front or back fall. One study sought to test the different types of falls to test the common impact areas.

Step, Slip, Trip and Falls

The study consisted of having a slightly raised walkway with foam mats on either side of the walkway to prevent actually inflicting fractures on the participants. Two spotters were employed; one to stand in front of the walker and another to walk directly behind. If the walker fell forward or backward, the spotter was to throw a foam mat down to soften their fall.

The study had four types of falls, but we are concerned with only three: steps down, slips, and trips. For the steps down, a step was lowered as the participant stepped on it. The slip had the walkway moved. The trip consisted of a rope being attached to the participant’s leg during their walk that stopped the leg from moving.

At fast moving speeds, slips resulted in mostly forward falls. As walking speed decreased, slippers tended to fall more to the side or back. For those stepping down at fast and normal walking speeds were mostly to the front but at slow speeds half were to front and the other half was to the side. For trip and falls, no matter the walking speed, all falls were to the front.

Steps down actually didn’t see much problems with fractures as those stepping down tended to use their hands or knees. Since slips had most of the side falls, there was enough of an impact on the hip to cause a hip fracture. Trip and falls saw more impact to the pelvis, which likely would cause more pelvis fractures.

Trip and falls can sometimes be caused by negligence from a third party. If you’ve had a trip and fall that was not your fault, you may be entitled to a reasonable settlement. The Advocates have taken on multiple trip and falls and won their clients massive compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. If you’ve had a trip and fall, call us today—there’s no cost to you until we win!


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