Fiery Crash Kills Family in Auburn

Three children and their father were killed in a horrific crash Thursday evening in Auburn. Police arrived at the scene of the crash to find the vehicle on fire. As firefighters began to put out the flames, they quickly realized the passengers inside were still alive.

“I seen the little girl come running around, and she had blood on her face and it looked apparently like she had been on fire,” said a woman who lived nearby. “And the next second a man comes rolling out of the car and he’s in flames just rolling around.” The only survivor of the crash was a3-year old girl and she was rushed to Harborview Medical Center along with her father for emergency treatment.

Medical staff at Harborview said the girl and her father severe burns from the crash. The father died shortly after arriving at the emergency room.

The father was later identified as Stanley Cross, 32, and his children Xandra, 5, and Oso, 5 months old. The surviving daughter of the crash is named Zoie Cross, 3, and she remains in critical condition. Family members who spoke to media at the hospital said they believe the father must have had a seizure which caused the crash. The family is well-known in the Muckleshoot tribe.

The crash is currently being investigated by Washington State Police.

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