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If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you may find your life thrown in turmoil. You may need extensive medical treatment and left unable to work and perform your normal daily activities. Your car might be damaged, leaving you without reliable transportation. It’s common to find yourself buried beneath a mountain of unpaid medical bills and feel as if your life is becoming more difficult by the day.

Don’t worry. The car accident lawyers at Advocates Law are here to help you return to full strength. Our skilled injury lawyers can help you track down a mechanic to repair your damaged vehicle, assist in obtaining a rental car, and help manage your medical care and providers. The injury attorneys at Advocates Law are deft at lost wage recovery, negotiating just settlements with insurance adjusters, and can help connect you with a network of service providers conveniently accessible to your neighborhood, whether it be Fircrest, Old Town or the Stadium District. The Advocates are here to serve all of Washington State. If you are unable to come visit us at our office in downtown Seattle, we are more than happy to come meet you wherever you are. Our mission is to help in any way possible. So don’t hesitate to contact The Advocates today for a free consultation and start down the road to recovery.

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Tacoma hugs the southern banks of the Puget Sound and sits between Washington’s capital of Olympia and Seattle, the state’s largest city. The city of Tacoma was named after the nearby Mount Rainer, the tallest mountain in all of Washington, which was originally known as Tacobet or the “Mother of the Waters.” The Tacoma region was first inhabited by the Puyallup tribe who foraged and fished in the area for thousands of years. The city of Tacoma was established in 1875 after being settled by Swedish and Chinese immigrants, railroad developers, and Civil War veterans.

Tacoma has seen a remarkable resurgence since the 1990’s when a massive revitalization project was launched to modernize the city. Today, Tacoma is home to nearly 200,000 residents and is the third largest city in the state of Washington. The city hosts a number of exceptional architectural sites, the most notable being the Museum of Glass, and the Port of Tacoma is the largest port in Washington State and handles more than $25 billion in commerce annually. With so many employment opportunities, affordable housing and cultural avenues, it’s no secret Tacoma is considered to be one of the most livable cities in the Untied States. Many locals consider the daily sight of Mount Rainier looming over the horizon more than worth the price of admission.