Driver Suspected of Causing Aurora Crash on Purpose

Young Driver Admits Having Eyes Closed, Causing Aurora Crash

Last Friday was a traffic nightmare for most drivers in Seattle. But one fatal incident near the Aurora Bridge has left officers stunned.  A young woman is being suspected of having caused the Aurora crash on purpose.

A police officer told news reporters that the driver was allegedly high on methamphetamine, according to probable cause documents.

When the 23-year-old Brier woman was arrested, officers noticed her eyelids were droopy, her eyes were water and her speech was abnormally slow.

Another officer pointed out that her statements were “bizarre” and that she was laughing uncontrollably. She also told police, at first, that a baby was involved in the accident but later changed her story to that of a dog being involved in the crash.

Eventually, she confessed that her eyes were closed and that she caused the Aurora crash on purpose.

The driver struck and killed two pedestrians and left two others injured.

Rebecca Richman, 28, died at the scene of the crash. Michael Richman, 26, died at Harborview Medical Center the next day.

A witness told police that the female driver was recklessly speeding through the bus lane to make a right turn before hitting the four pedestrians. The car then rolled into the northbound lanes of Aurora Avenue. Witnesses told police that the driver immediately got out of the vehicle and tried to hide a few blocks north of the scene, where she was arrested.

The driver was arrested on two counts of vehicular homicide, felony hit and run, and vehicular assault.

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