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While Seattle may rank in the 10 most walkable cities in the United States, the substantial number of tourist attractions downtown still make it a dangerous hotspot for pedestrians. Some of the most dangerous intersections in Seattle are located right in the heart of the city, and here’s why:

Why is Seattle Dangerous for Pedestrians?

Firstly, the city is undergoing a LOT of construction at the moment, cramming buses and traffic onto streets like never before. In fact, ever since the demolition of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, more than 800 daily bus routes were pulled from the transit tunnels and forced to merge with downtown Seattle traffic. Evidently, the additional traffic puts pedestrians at an even higher risk of being hit by a car or bus when crossing crosswalks.

Secondly, despite the “Seattle Freeze” and the endless amounts of rain, Seattle tourism puts pedestrians at a high risk of being in a pedestrian accident. It’s true that tourism is popular year-round here. Even down in Pioneer Square, you’ll see groups of people crossing Yesler Way with umbrellas as they embark on tours of the city.

Pike Street and Onward – Dangerous Intersections in Seattle

For those who are visiting Seattle for the first time, Pike Place Market is probably fairly high on your list of must-see’s in the city, and well, we don’t blame you. Pike Place Market has attracted tourists from all over the world for over a century, and it’s certainly one of our biggest attractions in the city.

But like most touristy excursions, there often comes a dreadful amount of traffic in the surrounding areas. Traveling from the very heart of the marketplace all the way up to posh Capitol Hill, Pike Street is one of the busiest roadways in Seattle. The following three intersections are ones you’ll likely want to avoid should you decide to walk from Pike Place up to the Hill.

Third Avenue and Pike – 15 Pedestrian Injuries 

Whether you are a seasoned local or just traveling through the northwest, we can all agree that Third Avenue and Pike Street is one of the most dangerous intersections in Seattle. From the 28 different bus routes that stop at this intersection to the constant overflow of pedestrians and tourists, Third Avenue and Pike Street has seen one too many accidents in just the last few years.

According to Seattle Department of Transportation, there were 15 injuries at the intersection of Third and Pike from 2008 to May 2017. The biggest cause of injury was mostly due to traffic collisions and the negligence of other drivers.

Fifth Avenue and Pike – 18 Pedestrian Injuries

Walk, don’t run. Especially at Fifth Avenue and Pike Street, Seattle’s prime shopping district and one of the busiest intersections in the city. With high-end clothing stores stamped on nearly every block, it’s not uncommon to see pedestrians lugging around shopping bags as they quickly scurry to the next department store.

But despite the area’s variety of shopping luxuries, Fifth Avenue and Pike Street is still one of the most dangerous intersections in Seattle. The traffic at Fifth and Pike is quite relentless. At this intersection, you’ll find that most traffic have no problem with flying through red lights at the last minute. In fact, this area is so perilous that, in the same study from 2008 to 2017, SDOT recorded 18 injuries at this intersection, putting it at the top of our list of most dangerous intersections in Seattle.

Boren Avenue and Pike – 13 Pedestrian Injuries

But the downtown madness doesn’t stop at Fifth Avenue. Right after the convention center, on the way to Capitol Hill, is another notorious stomping ground for dangerous intersections in Seattle. Boren Avenue and Pike Street is where the impatient city traffic meets the traffic heading on or off of Interstate 5.

East of the I-5 entrance and just a few steps away from one of the largest Starbucks Reserve Roasteries in the world, Boren and Pike is the turning point for a vast majority of Seattle traffic. For pedestrians walking from downtown to Cap Hill or vice versa should keep in mind that this area is known for speeding cars racing down Boren Ave to get to the freeway. According to SDOT, there were 13 injuries in a 9-year period at this intersection.

Additional Pedestrian Danger Zones – Dangerous Intersections in Seattle

Now we shouldn’t give all of the blame to Pike Street since there are several other crosswalks in Seattle that deserve to be on our list of dangerous intersections in Seattle.

Broadway East and East Olive Way – 14 Pedestrian Injuries

If you’ve never experienced the nightlife in Capitol Hill, you may want to consider the following information before you make your way up to the Hill, as locals refer to it.

Broadway East and East Olive Way truly sits in the heart of one of the most popular neighborhoods in all of Seattle. But according to SDOT, there have been 14 serious injuries at this intersection. Why? Tons of people flood Capitol Hill every day of the year, and especially during Seattle Pride. So, remember to look both ways when crossing Broadway and Olive Way, and help any intoxicated friends cross the road if you can.

Denny Way and Stewart Street – 12 Pedestrian Injuries

Despite the marked crosswalks, Denny Way and Stewart Street is a difficult intersection for pedestrians to cross. With nearby construction and the uphill transition into the eastern neighborhoods of Seattle, Denny and Stewart has seen quite a few pedestrian accidents in recent years.

According to SDOT, there have been 12 injuries in this area, and they’ve mostly been due to the fact that construction often requires pedestrians to take a detour from the usual crosswalk. If possible, you should avoid Denny and Stewart and find a less complicated route.

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