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Redmond sits on the eastern shore of Lake Washington and is part of the greater Seattle metropolitan area. The city is most famous for being the home to Nintendo of America and the headquarters of Microsoft. Over 60,000 people live and work in Redmond as the city continues to steadily grow year after year.

The Redmond area was first inhabited over 10,000 years ago, though the town itself wouldn’t be incorporated until 1912 by European immigrants. Today, over 60,000 people live and work in Redmond. The city has a number of designated landmarks and hosts several unique cultural events. The Redmond Derby Days, a community festival, is held annually in July. The Second Story Repertory theater and the Eastside Symphony offer live music and performance when in season. And the city supports 45 public parks which total over a thousand acres and thirty full miles of trails. Redmond is also home to Washington State’s sole velodrome and is known as the Bicycle Capital of the Northwest.

Redmond is far greater than its reputation as a technology hub. The city is rich with diversity, supports a healthy education system of over 50 schools, and offers an eclectic range of shopping centers and restaurants. Redmond truly is a hidden gem nestled along the calm waters of Lake Sammamish.

If you’ve been involved in a car wreck, you may find your life thrown for a loop. You may have been injured and left unable to work or even function in your daily routines. Your car could be damaged and rendered inoperable, leaving you to brave public transportation. And you may soon find yourself awash in unpaid medical bills.

Don’t worry. The automobile accident lawyers at Advocates Law are here to help you return your life back to the way it was before your accident. Our experienced injury attorneys can help you find a mechanic to repair your vehicle, assist in tracking down a rental car, and do whatever is necessary to keep your medical care and providers organized until you are back to full strength. The injury lawyers at Advocates Law have decades of experience recovering lost wages, negotiating sizable settlements with insurance adjusters, and can help connect you with service providers nearby your own neighborhood, whether it be Yakima, Terrace Heights or West Valley. The Advocates are here to serve all of Washington State. So we can come meet you wherever you are if you are unable to visit us at our office in downtown Seattle. We are here to help. Contact The Advocates today for a free consultation and begin your journey down the road to recovery.

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