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The official state capital of Washington, Olympia is located just 60 miles south of Seattle. The city is known as a cultural hub throughout the entire Pacific Northwest, despite having a population of fewer than 50,000 people.

The Olympia area was originally home to various Lushootseed-speaking tribes who hunted and fished in the valley and rivers for thousands of years. The town itself wouldn’t be founded until 1850 when Colonel Isaac N. Ebey proposed the name based upon the site’s scenic view of the Olympic Mountains. Since its founding, Olympia serves as a social magnet for the entire Puget Sound region.

With its historic downtown, eclectic Westside shopping district, forty lush public parks, and dozens of hiking trails which lead to saltwater beaches where native tribes of yore would meet for ceremonial potlatches, Olympia has something to offer everyone. Located alongside Interstate 5, Olympia is a destination stop for anyone traveling from Oregon to the greater Seattle metropolis and beyond.

If you’ve had the misfortune of being in an automobile accident, you may find your life has suddenly gone topsy-turvy. You might have been injured, forced to take leave from work, or find it impossible to lead a normal life. Your car may be inoperable, leaving you without reliable transportation. And you may soon find yourself buried beneath a mountain of unpaid medical bills.

Don’t worry. The automobile accident lawyers at Advocates Law are here to help return your life to tip-top shape. Our experienced injury attorneys can connect you to a car mechanic for any necessary repairs, assist in obtaining a rental car, and help keep track of your medical care and providers. The injury lawyers at Advocates Law are skilled in lost wage recovery, negotiating a settlement with insurance adjusters, and can help you locate service providers which are conveniently located near your neighborhood, whether it be Olympia, Lacey or Tumwater. The Advocates serve all of Washington State, so if our office in downtown Seattle is too far, we can come meet you in your town or city. We are here to help. Contact The Advocates today for a free case consultation and begin your journey down the road to recovery.

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