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Federal Way sits along the southeastern shore of the Puget Sound and is home to nearly 100,000 people. Incorporated in 1990, Federal Way is an essential part of the Seattle metropolitan area. Originally settled as a logging community in the early 20th century, Federal Way continued to support a thriving timber industry until 2014 when the land was opened to the public.

The city has a number of cultural attractions such as the King County Aquatic Center, the Wild Waves Theme Park, and two botanical gardens, the Rhododendron Species Foundation and the Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection. Several major corporations reside in Federal Way and employ thousands of its residents: the Weyerhaeuser Company, Xerox, and St. Francis Hospital Medical Services. Situated between Seattle and Tacoma, Washington State’s most prominent cities, Federal Way is a city fast on the rise.

If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, you may suddenly find your life in tatters. You may have been injured, unable to work or function as a normal person would. Your car may be inoperable, leaving you in need of dependable transportation. And then the unpaid medical bills begin to pile up. Don’t worry. The car accident lawyers at The Advocates Law can help you get your life back on track. Our experienced injury attorneys can find you to a mechanic to repair your damaged vehicle, help in obtaining a rental car, and assist in keeping your medical care on track. The injury lawyers at The Advocates Law are skilled in the recovery of lost wages, arguing with insurance adjusters about your automobile crash, and can connect you with local service providers located in close proximity to your own neighborhood, whether it be Mirror Lake, Buenna or Adelaide. The Advocates is ready to serve all of Washington State, so if you are unable to visit us at our office in downtown Seattle, we can meet you wherever you are. We are here to help. Contact The Advocates today for a free consultation and start your journey down the road to recovery.

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