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With a population of over 100,000, the city of Everett is the 7th largest city in Washington State. Everett was founded by European settlers in 1855 after the land was surrendered by indigenous tribes under the Treaty of Point Elliott. However, the town wouldn’t be fully incorporated until 1893 when the Great Northern Railway arrived. Known as a railway town for most of its history, Everett has cycled through various economies over the years: gold, ore, lumber, and steamboat construction.

As it stands today, Everett is a city fast on the rise. The Boeing Company contributes the most to the local economy, employing nearly 40,000 people within its manufacturing plant. The Boeing plant is famous for being the world’s largest building by volume. The Naval Station Everett, located in the mouth of the Snohomish River, is the second largest employer in Everett and is the homeport for the USS Nimitz supercarrier.

Everett supports a number of unique cultural artifacts. The historic district contains several antiquated houses, and the waterfront is home to the Everett Yacht Club, the Naval Station, the Port Gardner Wharf, which has a thriving selection of businesses, restaurants and condos, and the largest public marina on the entire west coast of the United States. More than any other city in Washington State, Everett embodies both a hard-working ethos and a refined and relaxed air of leisure.

If you’ve been in a car accident, you may find your life turned upside down. You may have been injured, forced to take time off of work, and unable to function as a normal person would. Your car may be damaged, leaving you to rely on public transportation. And you may soon find your medical costs rising by the day. Don’t worry. The automobile accident lawyers at Advocates Law are here to help you return your life to normal. Our experienced injury attorneys can help search for a mechanic to repair your damaged car, assist in finding a rental car, and help keep track of your medical care and providers. The injury lawyers at Advocates Law are adept at lost wage recovery, negotiating with insurance adjusters about your claim, and can help connect you with service providers within a convenient distance of your own neighborhood, whether it be Boulevard Bluffs, Holly or Glacier View. The Advocates are here to serve all of Washington State. If you are unable to visit us at our office in downtown Seattle, we can come meet you in whichever city you call home. We are here to help. Contact The Advocates today for a free evaluation of your case and start your journey on the road to recovery.