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With a population of nearly 150,000, Bellevue, Washington is the third largest city in the Seattle metropolitan area. Bellevue sits just east of Seattle along the shores of Lake Washington. Known as a technological hub, Bellevue offers a high standard of living and frequently tops the rankings for the best places to live in all of the United States.

Originally founded in 1869, Bellevue was largely a farming community until 1940 when the Mercer Island Floating Bridge was built. The bridge quickly led to a population boom and the city was incorporated in 1953.

As it stands today, Bellevue is well on its way to being a major metropolis. Over 145 companies have been located in Bellevue proper at one time or another. Currently, the city serves as the headquarters for several well-known technology companies, such as T-Mobile, Expedia, Valve and Bungie. Bellevue hosts a number of cultural centers and annual festivals. The Bellevue Arts Museum, KidsQuest Children’s Museum, and Meydenbauer Center each feature art exhibits, live performances, and educational events year round. With its diverse population, modern infrastructure, and scenic views of Mount Rainier and Lake Washington, Bellevue is truly a first-rate global city.

If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, you may suddenly find yourself lost at sea. You may have been physically injured and unable to work or even function as you normally would. Your car might be wrecked, leaving you without any sort of reliable transportation. And you may soon find yourself awash in unpaid medical bills.

Don’t worry. The car accident attorneys at Advocates Law are here to help you get your life back on track. Our experienced injury lawyers can connect you to a mechanic to repair your damaged vehicle, assist in renting an affordable replacement, and help keep your medical care on track and in order. The injury attorneys at Advocates Law are skilled at recovering lost wages, negotiating with insurance adjusters regarding your car crash, and can help connect you with service providers located near your own neighborhood, whether it be Newport, Somerset or Bridle Trails. The Advocates serve all of Washington State. If you can’t visit us at our office in downtown Seattle, we can come meet you wherever you are. We are here to help. Contact The Advocates today for a free consultation and start your journey down the road to recovery.