Bicycle Accident Frequently Asked Questions


How can I prove the driver who hit me as I rode my bicycle is liable?

The best way to prove liability in nearly any type of accident is to call the police and have them write up an honest and fair assessment of the accident’s details. Beyond a police report witness statements and photos of the scene are also helpful in proving liability. If you are able, do not hesitate to take as many photos as possible, as well as writing down the contact information of anyone who might have seen the accident occur in real time.

How much money should I expect from my bicycle accident case?

Bicycle accident settlement amounts tend to vary. Bicycle accident claims are based on the gravity of the injuries you suffered, how long you were out of work, and upon the subjective concept of pain and suffering. Insurance adjusters are trained to keep settlement payouts as low as possible, so it’s best to hire an experienced attorney to negotiate for you. With this in mind, bicycle accident settlements can range anywhere from as low as 4-figures up to millions of dollars in some instances. It all depends on how badly your health and lifestyle were impacted by the collision.

How long does a bicycle accident claim take to settle?

This depends on the length of your medical treatment. Once you are finished with treatment, your Advocate attorney can make a demand to the at-fault party/insurance provider and if they accept it then you should receive compensation within weeks. But if they reject it and negotiations break down then a lawsuit will have to be filed in order to continue. Unfortunately, the litigation process can take several months if not years before a resolution is reached. So, in short, the timeline varies anywhere between 4 months to several years.

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