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After an Automobile Accident

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After an Automobile Accident


If you’ve ever been the victim of an automobile accident, the days afterward can be just as agonizing and confusing as the day of the actual accident. Many people find themselves waiting in limbo as medical bills pile up. Injuries and the loss of a vehicle can complicate life in unexpected ways. If you find yourself in such a position, there are a few steps which can expedite your claim and assure you receive full compensation for your injuries and damages.

Medical Treatment Log

Medical treatment for an automobile accident goes far beyond the initial trip to an emergency room or to a hospital. Months of physical therapy, massage, and acupuncture may be required to restore you to full health. Therefore, it is important to write down the name of every medical provider you visited while treating your injuries. Obtaining medical records can be a difficult and lengthy endeavor. Having an accurate list of providers can greatly speed up this process.

Request Insurance Valuation

After any auto accident, an insurance adjuster will compile a valuation analysis. You should request this analysis from your insurance company to see how much they valued your damaged vehicle. If you feel this total is too low, you should obtain two separate value estimates and inform the adjuster you feel they are undervaluing the damages to your vehicle. You should be prepared for the adjuster not to budge about this total, however, and consider hiring an attorney to negotiate a fairer settlement for you.

Automobile Accident Settlement Offers

Nine out of ten times the first settlement offer an insurance company presents you with will be far too low. Insurance companies often try to settle claims as soon as possible to prevent future medical costs from accumulating. It may be tempting to accept what appears to be a large, lump-sum offer. But the truth is that many injuries suffered during an automobile accident may take months if not years to fully heal. If you rush to accept an offer, you could find yourself on the hook for ever-increasing medical bills. This is why hiring an attorney with years of experience working such cases is almost always your best option. The attorneys at The Advocates put your needs first and will not rest until your life has been made whole again. Call us today for a free case evaluation.


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