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A legal battle is the last thing anyone wants to be involved in. We completely understand. Sometimes, however, pursuing legal action is in your best interests.

Through no fault of our own, accidents can occasionally happen. Oftentimes, no one is to blame for these mishaps. However, there are times when another person’s negligence or bad intentions can lead to your misfortune.

If you find yourself the victim of an accident, you will need help figuring out what exactly fair compensation is for your injuries and losses. Sure, you can try to go it alone by battling the insurance companies of the other party involved in the accident for what you feel you are owed. But most likely you will lose this fight and end up with far less than you are entitled to. Rather than struggle alone, it is likely best to find a personal injury attorney in Seattle who can help you recoup all that you are due.

The Advocates is a personal injury firm based in downtown Seattle. We serve the entire state of Washington and make it our business to help people like you whenever disaster strikes. Everyone knows that life happens and nasty surprises can pop up at any time. You could slip and fall on a wet floor in a department store or on an icy path outside of the doctor’s office. You could suffer a dangerous reaction due to a mistake with your prescription medication. You could be the victim of any type of accident, from a pedestrian incident to a motorcycle accident. You might even walk up on a mean dog at the wrong time.

Regardless of what caused your injuries, you could end up with costly medical bills, lost wages, and extended time at home while you try to recover. If any of these scenarios describe your current situation or predicament, you need an experienced Seattle attorney who will fight for you.

After you call the Advocates Law, you are free to heal from your injuries while your lawyer acts as your intermediary, dealing with the opposing party and their insurance company. Whether you are in the hospital or laid up at home, your Advocate lawyer will save you the trouble of going out by coming to meet you wherever you are.

A fair assessment will be made of all of your expenses and then your attorney will go to bat for you. Since The Advocates Law works on a contingency basis, your attorney doesn’t get paid until you do. This will allow you to expect a better settlement, to be reimbursed by the insurance company more quickly, and ensure you receive compensation for any and all of your mounting medical bills.

So when you’re in an accident, call The Advocates Law for answers. Don’t wait. Call today: 206-452-4200.